Thames Valley DSB

Resource Services FAQs

    Q. How do I obtain a MediaNet account?
    A. All teachers/staff have a MediaNet account. Medianet can be accessed via in the Employee Portal under My TVDSB Applications.

    Q. I have never used the MediaNet catalogue - is there a guide I can access?
    A. Yes, we have a PDF Quick Guide to MediaNet

    Q. How do I know that my order went through?
    A. After you "test availability" and get the green checkmark letting you know it is available you MUST hit the Submit button to place your order. Once you hit the Submit button you will get a confirmation screen. You can also check the current and future bookings listed under "My Account."

    Q. My location has changed but my record has my old school listed, how can this be changed?
    A. Our MediaNet records are imported from the HR system IPPS every Sunday night during the school year. The "home" location is imported when one is listed. It is likely that the this location in IPPS has not been updated. Please contact your Staffing Officier in HR to update your location and/or "home" location. And, please contact us with your new location BEFORE you place an order. You will still need to contact your Staffing Officier.

    Q. What is my courier day?
    A. Your courier day is listed next to your name on the Order Form in brackets. The "Show Date" in Medianet is not the ship date. Medianet will automatically ship your item in the first courier before the "Show Date."

    Q. Is it possible to order more than 1 copy of a novel?
    A. Yes, simply change the Quantity on the order form to the number of novels needed. Be careful not to exceed the number of copies listed in the Medianet record, otherwise, you will always get an x (not available on the order form). For example, if we only have 10 copies listed in the record, do not order more than this number.

    Q. What new resources have been added to the collection?
    A. On the Search page you can change the "Acquisition Date" field to last 30 days and click Submit. This will produce a list of items that have been added to the collection during this period. Alternatively, you can visit our New Titles listings on ourResource Lists page.

    Q. I am having difficulty viewing Feature Films through Learn360?
    A. Feature Films need to be shown in Google Chrome (not Internet Explorer) on a school computer in order for them to play properly. If you are having issues playing feature films in Chrome, please submit an IT Work Order to have the latest version installed. For more information, click here.

    Q. Why am I getting late notices for a resource I placed in the school courier area?
    A. Late notices will cease once the item is physically checked in at Resource Services. It is possible that you placed the item in the pickup area after the courier has come and we have not received it.

    Q. But I am certain I returned it before the courier came!
    A. Please contact us and we will search our shelves. It is possible it didn't scan in properly during checkin. But ALSO check around your school, office, and pickup area to ensure it made it in the courier in time.

    Q. I need the item today, can I pick up my order instead of having it delivered?
    A. Yes, you must contact us at x 21073 or 519-452-2573 or e-mail us for same day pick up. We will gladly place the order on your behalf if it is available.

    Q. I ordered an item and haven't received it.
    A. Confirm that the item is not delayed by going to Your Account and click on Bookings > Current and Future.

    • If the item was delivered, speak with your school secretary, or check with your colleagues to see if someone picked it up by mistake.
    • If the item was shipped but you do not have it, please contact us and we will flag the item as lost.

    Q. I want to renew a resource and the system won't let me.
    A. If there are bookings pending for an item or you have reached the maximum # of extensions MediaNet will not let you renew. Please contact contact us at x 21073 or 519-452-2573 or e-mail Resource Services Bookings for assistance.

    Q. Why did I receive a delayed e-mail notification?
    A. MediaNet will inform clients that an order is delayed. Delayed orders occur when the current user has not returned the resource on time.

    Q. Why was my order cancelled?
    A. Cancelled orders are due to a number of factors - the most common is the resource you had booked has not been returned on time and we can no longer fulfill your order. Example: A teacher orders a resource for March 1st and as of March 15th it has not been returned... there is a good chance your order will be cancelled.

    Q. I received a kit but several items were missing, what should I do?
    A. Our staff inventory each kit upon its return and sometimes kits are returned incomplete. We generate missing notices to teachers and place a missing label inside the kit. Please contact us if there are missing items unaccounted or for other kit maintenance issues.

    Q. I would like to recommend a resource for the Resource Services collection.
    A. Please contact Resource Services Bookings with a description, price and purchasing details and the curriculum strand it applies to.

    Q. When can I begin ordering for next year?
    A. Announcements regarding ordering for next year are posted to the MediaNet homepage. We cannot open booking until the Board calendar & courier schedule are finalized for the upcoming school year.

To contact Resource Services (novels, audiobooks, kits & streaming) email, or phone 519-452-2573 or 519-452-2000 x 21073.

For questions about AV and Computer Equipment Loans, contact x 21055 or